The BS25999 / BS 25999 Continuity Toolkit





The ISO 22301 Standard

A PDF copy of the ISO 22301 standard 


Contingency Audit

Detailed questionnaire to assess contingency in an IT environment.



The Word based desktop Risk Analysis system.


A Guide to BCM and ISO 22301

An introduction to both the standard and BCM itself.


Dependency Analysis

Questionnaire to help establish key dependencies


BCP Checklist

Framework and checklist for a Business Continuity Plan


An Introduction to BCM

A PowerPoint presentation: Introduction to BCM. 



A Business Impact Analysis questionnaire.


BCP Audit

A questionnaire for the audit of the Business Continuity Plan itself.


An Introduction to Standards

An introduction to standards and their benefits.




The ISO22301 Toolkit

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The ISO 22301 Toolkit


The ISO 22301 Implementation Kit


The publication of an international standard for business continuity was mooted for many years. However, its arrival, in the form of ISO 22301 is in practical terms, simply the starting point. From here it must be implemented, and used, to deliver real benefits, rather than simply becoming 'shelf ware' 


The ISO 22301 Toolkit is intended to help ensure that the standard is not only understood, but that it can be more easily applied within the organization. Via the inclusion of a number of basic continuity building blocks, it should help kick start an ISO 22301 aligned business continuity initiative. 




The contents of the toolkit were created by recognized business continuity professionals and industry figures. To enable flexibility and tailoring, the majority of the materials are provided in MS-Word format. 


Included in the kit are the following quality materials:


 The Standard: BS ISO 22301:2014 (PDF Format)

 A set of contingency audit questionnaires for IT

 A dependency analysis document, to help identify key dependencies

 A guide to BCM and the ISO 22301 standard

 A business impact analysis questionnaire

 A questionnaire to audit the business continuity plan itself

 A framework and checklist for a business continuity plan

 The EzRisk paper based desktop risk analysis system 

 An introduction to standards and their benefits

 Presentation: Introduction to Business Continuity Management 




The ISO22301 Toolkit provides a set of basic documents to support the requisite tasks for successful business continuity management. The practical items included in the kit are designed to save significant time and effort and minimize 're-invention of the wheel'.  


To illustrate the quality of the contents, we have re-produced sample pages taken directly from each of the items. These can be viewed via the options on the left hand side of this page.




The whole of the toolkit can be purchased online and downloaded directly to your PC for just $495 (approx 295).  To obtain your copy, simply visit our purchase purchase page.