The BS25999 / BS 25999 Continuity Toolkit





The ISO 22301 Standard

A PDF copy of the ISO 22301 standard 



The Word based desktop Risk Analysis system.


A Guide to BCM and ISO22301

An introduction to both the standard and BCM itself.


Dependency Analysis

Questionnaire to help establish key dependencies


BCP Checklist

Framework and checklist for a Business Continuity Plan


An Introduction to BCM

A PowerPoint presentation: Introduction to BCM. 



A Business Impact Analysis questionnaire.


BCP Audit

A questionnaire for the audit of the Business Continuity Plan itself.


An Introduction to Standards

An introduction to standards and their benefits.



The ISO 22301 Toolkit

The ISO 22301 Toolkit can be purchased and downloaded to your PC via our

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IT Contingency Arrangements



This item is a set of comprehensive questionnaires, comprising almost 100 questions in total, and is designed to assist with the audit of an IT environment. 


It is color coded to enable simple identification of undesirable responses, and covers topics such as: IT infrastructure contingency; application backup practices; network contingency; PC contingency and power supply.


Sample Pages:


ISO 22301 - IT Contingency



ISO22301c- IT Contingency Questionnaire




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